The Spectacular Now


Everyone says live in the moment because you will never experience anything like it ever again. It is true, we should not take any events in our life for granted, but are we placing ourselves in a dump where we as a people will reside for the rest of our lives. If we only live in what’s now how we to develop and grow into beautiful people? If every person on earth had the philosophy of living in the moment none of these amazing ideas would be created. No one would have a legitimate reason to live. There would be no life existing because none of us are driven towards a goal none of us are learning from our mistakes. We believe if we live in the moment we will be happy, that might be true for a certain period of time but after a while the happiness will wear off. Yes, I agree many of us get caught up in what the future holds for us. When we, do we are excited but at the same time worried, scared, sometimes confused. With all these emotions under our belts, we stop enjoying life and only dream and live in the future. All of us are all work and no play, with this attitude we forget about the little things in life-like when your grandma bakes cookies for you. The happiness has disappeared from ourselves we are nothing more than working machines with a blue print to lead the way.Okay if we cannot live in the moment or ponder about our future for our entire lives then what should we do? I believe there is a balance between both ideas. Everyone should appreciate and love the beautiful things people can do today. At the same time everyone should be motivated about the difference they can make in the world now. Why say I want to start a charity in the future when you can do it right now. People should live their dream now and plan for the future. Then you will be happy that you’re living your dream, but at the same time you will learn from this mistake to plan for an unexpected future. There will always be a now because your future will soon be now.


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