Success and Failure


As humans we are always looking for ways to be happy. Most everyone wastes their days working a job they hate or many of young teens loose focus in life and really don’t understand why they live. For example an adult is a world renowned doctor but his true passion lies with teaching. Unfortunately thousands of people are not brave enough to run for their dreams. Life is too short to not do something you love. Yes, their is always going to be that question, “Will I be successful?” That specific question is for you to define, “What is success in your eyes?” Is success equivalent to money, making an impact, or being famous? However you define it leads you to your happiness. Essentially success is happiness. Numerous people question if they make a living pursuing their ambitions. Luckily almost every person in this world have been blessed with a brain. Our brain is the inventor of creativity which contributes to life changing ideas. All we have to do is use our brain to generate these ideas. Nothing happens overnight, so be patient with yourself you might have to work two jobs just so you can feed your family. Nevertheless at the end hard work will make your dreams come true. There will definitely be times when you feel confused asking yourself am I doing the right thing? And maybe you are not but either way you must have self motivation. Anything you plan on pursuing, become as knowledgeable as you can before you jump in. Above all, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF FAILURE. Failure is a stepping stone towards success and everyone experiences it. In conclusion there is a dream for everyone to make into reality. We must preserver.
The world is filled with millions of teens. The majority have summer vacation which lasts a couple of months. Summer=fun. After fun is all teens care about. Definitely there is school but none of them are excited or motivated to learn unless it’s fun. Everyone just wishes for summer to begin. They all want to enjoy life but spending days on end watching movies, playing video games, going to the pool, hanging out with friends or partying is not realistic. We must all devote some time being productive. This may be a couple hours which means the rest of the day is yours. A few examples are a summer job, camps, starting a blog or Youtube channel, or volunteering. There are endless possibilities you just have to discover what you enjoy and go for it. I promise you there is always something you can do without money. One small deed can grow into endless opportunities for yourself. Exposing yourself to what’s out in the world is what will lead you to your true passion. Even if that fast food job makes you feel miserable, be driven and say, “I am working so I can pay for college for college. College is pathway to full filling your goals of a dream career. Have a positive attitude. Every little thing you learn at your job or anywhere else will teach you the ways of life. Devoting a couple hours a day to being productive will create your dream.


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