Shine Bright Like a Diamond

All my life everyone has told me to be myself, but what does that actually mean? There are about seven billion people in this world which means seven billion AMAZING personalities. Some are humble, intelligent, outgoing, shy, romantic, caring, courageous, kindhearted, funny, and so much more. Sadly many of us lock away our identity inside of us, only to be shared with ourselves. And why? We have the power to make an impact on this world and we choose not to because we are afraid of ourselves. Every individual on this planet has a dream that they hope to make come true. For dreams to come true fear must be overcome. We were given this identity to be showcased in front of millions of people not to be kept private. Yes, it will take a while to gain your confidence but nothing comes easy in life. Even if you fail several times you must get up and learn from your mistakes. With this in mind don’t just be yourself express yourself.


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