Everyone would like validation for being alive, for doing something that everyone thinks is incredible, but truthfully striving to be wowed by others with your achievements in this world will only lead you to feel miserable about yourself. If you pour your heart into someone else’s expectations and reach them you will feel confused and more importantly unhappy. At one point you will ask yourself, ” Why am here?… what am I doing with my life?” In the beginning when you’re working your butt off your brain forces you to think you’re doing what’s right for you. The reasoning behind this is we want to do what is right, but the message our heart sends is stronger and needs to be given love. We need to follow our heart because happiness derives from it. Although we feel weighed down by the expectations the one’s closets to us set you must rise above them and tell yourself I am going to do what makes me happy. Of course the advice your friends, family, teachers, co-workers gives should still be taken into consideration, but just know that your dreams are the only ones you make come true. At the end of the day everyone, especially yourself wants nothing more than you to be HAAAAPPPPPPYYYYYY!!


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