A story book moment was made in sports yesterday afternoon, Mr. LeBron Raymone James announced he will be returning home to Cleveland,Ohio. Let’s us all just have a moment to applaud LeBron on his awe inspiring essay. I am writing this blog post about LeBron because he has taught us all to never forget our where we came from. Within one paragraph he shows the relationship he had with the city.  In his piece to Sports Illustrated he wrote, ”It’s where I cried. It’s where I bled. It holds a special place in my heart.”His love for basketball began in Northeast Ohio, but beyond that he experienced some of the best and worst moments in his life there, and he is telling us that he can never forget those times, the people, and the city. For everyone reading this I am not telling you to become a LeBron fan or a Cavs fan, I am informing you that no matter how old, how rich, or how famous you become always remember where you came from. Before your success you will have a beginning that can never be experienced again, but may only be recalled in your dreams. During your beginnings your family, friends, and mentors have taught life long lessons, took care of you, made you laugh, and supported you. Each and every one of these people must always have a special place in your heart. Every memory you have created and are currently creating is one more piece of wisdom, adding to your character, so cherish it.You are who are today because you worked for what you had.(Lebron James)


Comment down below of a storybook moment you have experienced. 


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