We Are All In This Together


As humans, we have a tendency to be very selfish without even realizing it because we are under the influence of other people. A massive source is the internet and TV whenever we see people who recognized, on these platforms we believe this is the only way to be ”special” in this world. Beyond that we believe greatness is defined by becoming and being the best of the best. Undoubtedly we should all strive for excellence, but when we have this mindset an ego forms inside of us. Our ego will then do anything to achieve our own success which includes abolishing other people’s success. Everyone has to push past their egos and understand we are all in the same boat. Life is an expedition meant to be enjoyed, fought, and triumphed with everyone. Instead of only making ourselves happy help others make themselves happy. Hence there will be more optimistic people, which means many hardships can be conquered. For instance, if someone did not receive the exam grade they wanted and you did very well help prepare for the next exam so they can meet their goal. Having a competitive spirit does force us to work hard to reach our goals, but applying this attitude to life will only create misery. When you and everyone has lived there dreams, the time devoted to others will create a sense of peace, happiness, and love. Your life will be Heaven on Earth.

Comment down below what makes you happy.


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