I have neither dignity nor respect and it will take me a while to earn both back. As teens we think being rebellious is funny and cool, honestly it’s just a wake up call telling you to stop becoming a jerk. We don’t understand what the value of parents are they’re the ones who taught us to walk, talk, and most importantly respect and love ourselves and everyone. Every teen feels like their parents don’t care about what they want they think that they only force us to do things do we can act and feel a certain way. Well, I am here to tell you that is completely wrong because I have experienced it first hand. Our parents ask us to do the little things in life like go to a movie or the zoo, but we think doing these types of activities are childish. None of us get until we get stung in our hearts until we realize we really have screwed things up not just for our families but ourselves. During every teens’ lifetime we just want to be free. Unfortunately our definition of free will lead us millions of miles away from our parents’ hearts. They ask us kindly to do something for our happiness because they know what their life was like as a teen and they don’t want us to relive it. I am telling every teen reading this, please, please just listen to your parents you will get the freedom to be an adult soon, but for now be THE MOST AMAZINGLY, KIND, AND CARING YOUNG ADULT. Once your an adult you will miss those years with your parents, so to keep yourself happy start caring NOW.

Please learn your lesson before it’s too late. Comment down below your favorite memory with your parents or family.


Being Queen or Acting Like a Jerk


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