The internet and TV can take over of our LIFE, it can become part of us, change us for good. We don’t realize how powerful these social and entertainment platforms are until we consume our lives with them. Once someone has made a name for themselves on a TV series or YouTube channel, or blog we are hooked. Our only dream is to be like and life portrayed on these networks. You were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL LIFE only for you to live and your job is to notice all of awesome adventures and relationships you can have. The purpose of TV shows is to have a good rating and have millions of viewers tune in. In order to accomplish this the show must become a drama filled so it is irresistible. When there is a drama filled show everyone would like it to be overcome. After everyone is “happy”
the character’s lifestyles are perceived as “The best way to live.” Derived from this motto everyone bow down to the next, “YOLO.” TV series are only fantasies there is no truth found in them, so start living your beautiful life because you will be in for plenty of delightful surprises. As for YouTube channels and blogs our goals are to share our passions with our world, inspire our viewers to run for their dreams, but in particular we want to spread our happiness. Always remember we want our followers to embrace themselves never become a million of us. Being unique is the best gift you can offer to the world. Love who you are, YOU ARE THE SHINING STAR WAITING TO BE LIT IN ANY ROOM.

Comment down below one thing you love about yourself.


Living in Limbo

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