Ice Cream and Donuts

Two quirky, lovable, and amusing friends spend their time together talking about the inquisitive happenings of life. One posses the talent of bleeding heartfelt words into compelling stories. Another found herself through inspiring the ones surrounding her. At one point or another both felt limited, confused, and didn’t have an idea of where to go. The young girls met at recess in kindergarten. Unlike most friendships this one took a while until it became one. The shy and cute girl or known as April would live vicariously through other, May. May’s personality was full of charisma, waiting to be enjoyed. April only dreamed to have a likable personality. As time went on April and May became inseparable. Their personalities forced each other to exchange thought provoking ideas and really understand the beauty of life. Each and every idea inspired them to be fearless, make mistakes and learn from them. They haven’t only balanced one another, they helped one another illustrate their own story with happiness. Regardless of where each of them stood emotionally they always gave the other their undivided attention and upright honesty. Within ten years, both of them evolved into passionate young teenagers who never let their friendship drift away. These two beautiful girls are undecided about their future, but their main focus is about making today the happiest for themselves and the world.


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