Become Solo Strong

   As kids, expectations are suppressed upon us to be met. Wether they are in school, work, an activity, or with parents, people have their own standards. Therefore everyone has to start out with small goals and gradually built their way up to their ultimate goal. When kids exhibit perfection in a master, their only goal is to become the act placed in front of their eyes. Unfortunately their dreams will never come true because they are wishing for the wrong things. Instead every kid should be inspired by the striking achievements which are broadcasted in public. This ounce of inspiration should spire a new lifestyle fit for themselves. Naturally everyone would like their goals to be accomplished now not in a week or a day but NOW. In reality, though humans are not robots who can immediately complete a task flawlessly within a matter of minutes. Hard work is the recipe for success. In order to triumph one can not only work hard for an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year one must work hard on their own timeline with persistency. A common example for kids is balancing time between family and friends. If a kid is hanging out with their buddies until midnight at least let the parents know what you guys are doing and where you are. One phone, one question, one phrase: I love you can change the state of the relationship. Once the child’s words have been scribbled with love they have the potential to burn that hard work into their dreams. Doubt will seize their mind, but they are capable of more than they think. You can, you will, you must.


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