Take Charge of Your Life

‘ A police siren awakes your soul, your life has fallen into ashes. Let the noises around you slowly descend to a mute. Free your worries with your occupation or appointments with homework from your jail cells. Just relax and learn how one mistake can put your life on hold without even thinking.

  We all have goals in life with some having a bright green check mark beside them and others with bleeding red X’s. We love our achievements, but loathe many of our accomplished goals. ”It’s just a goal,” you say, well what happens if that goal was to stop drinking. There goes your motivation down the drain which means you still have alcoholic written all over that beautiful soul. What are you going to do now? Continue using all your life lines towards bottles of wine and whiskey. For instance, when you temper chocolate on a double boiler the minute you leave it unattended the chocolate is in flames. Similarly your life goes from on the road, to being in a car crash draining the last grains of sand from your sundial.

  Goals shape us for today, for this hour, for this minute, for this moment. Each goal can start by making a dunk to a fall face first resulting in a concussion. Turn those shades of gray into a confidence. Become committed to your goals and give it your best run. It’s okay if the paper doesn’t when it’s thrown at the wall, but just try to make the paper stay put for a while with some tape. Everything you dream of will not always appear in front of your eyes you have to take upon the practice to keep up with your dreams. The end of the finish line will never be crossed unless you make small, realistic goals and gradually build yourself towards your end game. When it’s time to adapt to a new philosophy replace the goal with another one. You will always be able to gain experience and learn from your goals. Keep in mind, though the new you is already inside of you, your job is to enhance its beautiful features.




3 thoughts on “Take Charge of Your Life

  1. Keep the posts coming!!! Love reading them, they brighten my day!

  2. Keep the posts coming!!! Love reading them and sharing them with friends! You never know the impacts you have on those around you! Might as well make that impact a positive one!

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