Who do you want to be?

”He’s a kiss up,” ”she has terrible fashion sense,” He can be mischievous and arrogant,” ”She is so two-faced always giving me lies,” ”He is acting fake just so people will like him.” We have all heard and or said some form of an ignorant comment. In all honesty being the victim or the rowdy of these insults causes others to believe their lives suck. In some cases life does suck. There are days that you can’t help but say to yourself, ”Life sucks.” On that particular occasion you are on the verge of depression, sent to the heavens of nothingness. Learn that it’s okay to have those days, but understand the layers of emotions have composed your soul.  Rebound from the rough happenings, but don’t overcome. Striving to conquer your “enemy” will only bring stress and anger. Your only goal will be to prove the “villain” wrong when your real motive should be to appreciate yourself. We take a handful of words to personally and only think about how to change ourselves to fit society when you the real questions are: What is personality like? What could you spend the rest of your life doing? Who do you want to be? An anger driven, depressed, helpless human or would you rather be self motivated, confident, and discovering your passion in life.



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