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My name is Sri Varre. I am a sixteen year old who just wants everyone to have the many gifts we take for granted here in the US. Many children around the world are unable to attain an education because of unsafe classrooms, extreme weather situations, lack of transportation, and lack of clean water. This June I have decided to solve this growing problem by building schools in the Amazon. I will also learn about the challenges women face in these rural communities, the impact of income distributions, the consequences of deforestation, and the challenges these communities face with accessing clean water. After the trip, I hope to continue helping these rural communities and educating people about global issues.

Any donation big or small is greatly appreciated. Every donation will be helping children in the Amazon live a happier life.

Here is a link to my crowdrise page:

Help me Build Schools in Ecador

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charity water

Many of us have no idea what it’s like to be thirsty. We have plenty of water to drink — even the water in our toilets is clean!

But many people around the world don’t have that luxury. Every day, about 1,400 children die from diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are simple solutions like drilled wells, spring protections and BioSand filters that help provide clean water to communities around the world.

This year for my sixteenth birthday I decided to start this fundraising campaign to help charity: water build these types of projects around the world, and I’m looking for anyone who can help me.

Please donate to my campaign — anything you can give is a huge help.

100% of the money will be used to build clean water projects, and when they’re complete, charity: water will send us photos and GPS coordinates so we can see the exact community we helped.

Donate Here: Sri’s Birthday Fund

Charity Water Campaign

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You Come Before Anyone Else

   You immerse yourself with others hoping to look for happiness but you only feel emptiness. Everyone thanks you for your advice yet you can never take your own. Close ones are embarking on a journey of freedom while you give permission for others to dictate your life. You lie to yourself when you say you love everyone because you are in debt of all your lies. Why is this even a life worth living? Your story has been written so far that an author cannot be determined. The words have lost originality because of the many editors  who changed them. Your at peace with your mind or at war with your soul. Choose to be free.

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Who do you want to be?

”He’s a kiss up,” ”she has terrible fashion sense,” He can be mischievous and arrogant,” ”She is so two-faced always giving me lies,” ”He is acting fake just so people will like him.” We have all heard and or said some form of an ignorant comment. In all honesty being the victim or the rowdy of these insults causes others to believe their lives suck. In some cases life does suck. There are days that you can’t help but say to yourself, ”Life sucks.” On that particular occasion you are on the verge of depression, sent to the heavens of nothingness. Learn that it’s okay to have those days, but understand the layers of emotions have composed your soul.  Rebound from the rough happenings, but don’t overcome. Striving to conquer your “enemy” will only bring stress and anger. Your only goal will be to prove the “villain” wrong when your real motive should be to appreciate yourself. We take a handful of words to personally and only think about how to change ourselves to fit society when you the real questions are: What is personality like? What could you spend the rest of your life doing? Who do you want to be? An anger driven, depressed, helpless human or would you rather be self motivated, confident, and discovering your passion in life.


Take Charge of Your Life

‘ A police siren awakes your soul, your life has fallen into ashes. Let the noises around you slowly descend to a mute. Free your worries with your occupation or appointments with homework from your jail cells. Just relax and learn how one mistake can put your life on hold without even thinking.

  We all have goals in life with some having a bright green check mark beside them and others with bleeding red X’s. We love our achievements, but loathe many of our accomplished goals. ”It’s just a goal,” you say, well what happens if that goal was to stop drinking. There goes your motivation down the drain which means you still have alcoholic written all over that beautiful soul. What are you going to do now? Continue using all your life lines towards bottles of wine and whiskey. For instance, when you temper chocolate on a double boiler the minute you leave it unattended the chocolate is in flames. Similarly your life goes from on the road, to being in a car crash draining the last grains of sand from your sundial.

  Goals shape us for today, for this hour, for this minute, for this moment. Each goal can start by making a dunk to a fall face first resulting in a concussion. Turn those shades of gray into a confidence. Become committed to your goals and give it your best run. It’s okay if the paper doesn’t when it’s thrown at the wall, but just try to make the paper stay put for a while with some tape. Everything you dream of will not always appear in front of your eyes you have to take upon the practice to keep up with your dreams. The end of the finish line will never be crossed unless you make small, realistic goals and gradually build yourself towards your end game. When it’s time to adapt to a new philosophy replace the goal with another one. You will always be able to gain experience and learn from your goals. Keep in mind, though the new you is already inside of you, your job is to enhance its beautiful features.



Become Solo Strong

   As kids, expectations are suppressed upon us to be met. Wether they are in school, work, an activity, or with parents, people have their own standards. Therefore everyone has to start out with small goals and gradually built their way up to their ultimate goal. When kids exhibit perfection in a master, their only goal is to become the act placed in front of their eyes. Unfortunately their dreams will never come true because they are wishing for the wrong things. Instead every kid should be inspired by the striking achievements which are broadcasted in public. This ounce of inspiration should spire a new lifestyle fit for themselves. Naturally everyone would like their goals to be accomplished now not in a week or a day but NOW. In reality, though humans are not robots who can immediately complete a task flawlessly within a matter of minutes. Hard work is the recipe for success. In order to triumph one can not only work hard for an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year one must work hard on their own timeline with persistency. A common example for kids is balancing time between family and friends. If a kid is hanging out with their buddies until midnight at least let the parents know what you guys are doing and where you are. One phone, one question, one phrase: I love you can change the state of the relationship. Once the child’s words have been scribbled with love they have the potential to burn that hard work into their dreams. Doubt will seize their mind, but they are capable of more than they think. You can, you will, you must.


Ice Cream and Donuts

Two quirky, lovable, and amusing friends spend their time together talking about the inquisitive happenings of life. One posses the talent of bleeding heartfelt words into compelling stories. Another found herself through inspiring the ones surrounding her. At one point or another both felt limited, confused, and didn’t have an idea of where to go. The young girls met at recess in kindergarten. Unlike most friendships this one took a while until it became one. The shy and cute girl or known as April would live vicariously through other, May. May’s personality was full of charisma, waiting to be enjoyed. April only dreamed to have a likable personality. As time went on April and May became inseparable. Their personalities forced each other to exchange thought provoking ideas and really understand the beauty of life. Each and every idea inspired them to be fearless, make mistakes and learn from them. They haven’t only balanced one another, they helped one another illustrate their own story with happiness. Regardless of where each of them stood emotionally they always gave the other their undivided attention and upright honesty. Within ten years, both of them evolved into passionate young teenagers who never let their friendship drift away. These two beautiful girls are undecided about their future, but their main focus is about making today the happiest for themselves and the world.


Make it a Year to Remember

If you are going to middle or high school or even college fill this year with as many unforgettable memories as you can. A decade from now you will be yearning to have a life as a teen, so DO NOT grow up too fast and say that, Disney movies are for five year olds. Okay the things they talk about in the movie may be, but the actual story of the movie will never get old. For everyone starting or currently in high school, we will be embarking on an extraordinary journey of finding ourselves. I mean let’s be real people change and we unfortunately don’t have any control over that so all we can do is first and foremost worry about ourselves. The next step is to have someone in your right hand and someone on your left. And then my friend, YOU ARE READY! (Wait.. to stop procrastinating on my five page essay or to stay alive in school?) Actually to be happy in school. When you have two friends or a close group of friends there will always be someone that looks out, cares about, is honest, makes you laugh, and be haaaappppyyy. Yes we all turn our heads at those popular girls and boys only dreaming to carry that Louis Vuitton bag or jamming out with those ever so popular Beats. BREAKING NEWS:”You’re amazing just the way you are.” -Bruno Mars. Kids let me assure you we were all born like no one else in this world. Accept yourself, enjoy yourself, and love yourself. You can have an amazing year only if you choose to be happy.

Comment down below what you are excited about for this school year.



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The internet and TV can take over of our LIFE, it can become part of us, change us for good. We don’t realize how powerful these social and entertainment platforms are until we consume our lives with them. Once someone has made a name for themselves on a TV series or YouTube channel, or blog we are hooked. Our only dream is to be like and life portrayed on these networks. You were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL LIFE only for you to live and your job is to notice all of awesome adventures and relationships you can have. The purpose of TV shows is to have a good rating and have millions of viewers tune in. In order to accomplish this the show must become a drama filled so it is irresistible. When there is a drama filled show everyone would like it to be overcome. After everyone is “happy”
the character’s lifestyles are perceived as “The best way to live.” Derived from this motto everyone bow down to the next, “YOLO.” TV series are only fantasies there is no truth found in them, so start living your beautiful life because you will be in for plenty of delightful surprises. As for YouTube channels and blogs our goals are to share our passions with our world, inspire our viewers to run for their dreams, but in particular we want to spread our happiness. Always remember we want our followers to embrace themselves never become a million of us. Being unique is the best gift you can offer to the world. Love who you are, YOU ARE THE SHINING STAR WAITING TO BE LIT IN ANY ROOM.

Comment down below one thing you love about yourself.


Living in Limbo