I have neither dignity nor respect and it will take me a while to earn both back. As teens we think being rebellious is funny and cool, honestly it’s just a wake up call telling you to stop becoming a jerk. We don’t understand what the value of parents are they’re the ones who taught us to walk, talk, and most importantly respect and love ourselves and everyone. Every teen feels like their parents don’t care about what they want they think that they only force us to do things do we can act and feel a certain way. Well, I am here to tell you that is completely wrong because I have experienced it first hand. Our parents ask us to do the little things in life like go to a movie or the zoo, but we think doing these types of activities are childish. None of us get until we get stung in our hearts until we realize we really have screwed things up not just for our families but ourselves. During every teens’ lifetime we just want to be free. Unfortunately our definition of free will lead us millions of miles away from our parents’ hearts. They ask us kindly to do something for our happiness because they know what their life was like as a teen and they don’t want us to relive it. I am telling every teen reading this, please, please just listen to your parents you will get the freedom to be an adult soon, but for now be THE MOST AMAZINGLY, KIND, AND CARING YOUNG ADULT. Once your an adult you will miss those years with your parents, so to keep yourself happy start caring NOW.

Please learn your lesson before it’s too late. Comment down below your favorite memory with your parents or family.


Being Queen or Acting Like a Jerk


We Are All In This Together


As humans, we have a tendency to be very selfish without even realizing it because we are under the influence of other people. A massive source is the internet and TV whenever we see people who recognized, on these platforms we believe this is the only way to be ”special” in this world. Beyond that we believe greatness is defined by becoming and being the best of the best. Undoubtedly we should all strive for excellence, but when we have this mindset an ego forms inside of us. Our ego will then do anything to achieve our own success which includes abolishing other people’s success. Everyone has to push past their egos and understand we are all in the same boat. Life is an expedition meant to be enjoyed, fought, and triumphed with everyone. Instead of only making ourselves happy help others make themselves happy. Hence there will be more optimistic people, which means many hardships can be conquered. For instance, if someone did not receive the exam grade they wanted and you did very well help prepare for the next exam so they can meet their goal. Having a competitive spirit does force us to work hard to reach our goals, but applying this attitude to life will only create misery. When you and everyone has lived there dreams, the time devoted to others will create a sense of peace, happiness, and love. Your life will be Heaven on Earth.

Comment down below what makes you happy.



   A story book moment was made in sports yesterday afternoon, Mr. LeBron Raymone James announced he will be returning home to Cleveland,Ohio. Let’s us all just have a moment to applaud LeBron on his awe inspiring essay. I am writing this blog post about LeBron because he has taught us all to never forget our where we came from. Within one paragraph he shows the relationship he had with the city.  In his piece to Sports Illustrated he wrote, ”It’s where I cried. It’s where I bled. It holds a special place in my heart.”His love for basketball began in Northeast Ohio, but beyond that he experienced some of the best and worst moments in his life there, and he is telling us that he can never forget those times, the people, and the city. For everyone reading this I am not telling you to become a LeBron fan or a Cavs fan, I am informing you that no matter how old, how rich, or how famous you become always remember where you came from. Before your success you will have a beginning that can never be experienced again, but may only be recalled in your dreams. During your beginnings your family, friends, and mentors have taught life long lessons, took care of you, made you laugh, and supported you. Each and every one of these people must always have a special place in your heart. Every memory you have created and are currently creating is one more piece of wisdom, adding to your character, so cherish it.You are who are today because you worked for what you had.(Lebron James)


Comment down below of a storybook moment you have experienced. 



 Everyone would like validation for being alive, for doing something that everyone thinks is incredible, but truthfully striving to be wowed by others with your achievements in this world will only lead you to feel miserable about yourself. If you pour your heart into someone else’s expectations and reach them you will feel confused and more importantly unhappy. At one point you will ask yourself, ” Why am here?… what am I doing with my life?” In the beginning when you’re working your butt off your brain forces you to think you’re doing what’s right for you. The reasoning behind this is we want to do what is right, but the message our heart sends is stronger and needs to be given love. We need to follow our heart because happiness derives from it. Although we feel weighed down by the expectations the one’s closets to us set you must rise above them and tell yourself I am going to do what makes me happy. Of course the advice your friends, family, teachers, co-workers gives should still be taken into consideration, but just know that your dreams are the only ones you make come true. At the end of the day everyone, especially yourself wants nothing more than you to be HAAAAPPPPPPYYYYYY!!

Amen Captain America

Congress shall make no law respecting an the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The First Amendment of the United States of America

Freedom the right given to 318 million Americans. How do we utilize this privilege? Unfortunately we are lacking the use of the right. Recently the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted an American Time Use Survey and discovered Americans are working twenty-six minutes less than in 2007. Instead the growth of leisure activities has increased, especially sleeping and watching TV. The Freedom House released a report stating 43 countries or 36 percent of the world population is ”not free” and 18 percent of the population is ”partly free.” Continue reading

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

All my life everyone has told me to be myself, but what does that actually mean? There are about seven billion people in this world which means seven billion AMAZING personalities. Some are humble, intelligent, outgoing, shy, romantic, caring, courageous, kindhearted, funny, and so much more. Sadly many of us lock away our identity inside of us, only to be shared with ourselves. And why? We have the power to make an impact on this world and we choose not to because we are afraid of ourselves. Every individual on this planet has a dream that they hope to make come true. For dreams to come true fear must be overcome. We were given this identity to be showcased in front of millions of people not to be kept private. Yes, it will take a while to gain your confidence but nothing comes easy in life. Even if you fail several times you must get up and learn from your mistakes. With this in mind don’t just be yourself express yourself.

Perks of Being Happy

If you are happy you will take on the day with a positive attitude. When you have an amazing attitude you have a clear mind. As a result, you will be energized and productive. While you are diligent you will be reaching your goals. As goals are met or changed you move forward with new goals and innovative ideas. Along the way there will be obstacles, but you will take them on with pride. In the midst of this you will inspire people with your happiness. As the others around you take on this new lifestyle a chain reaction will start.Most importantly throughout this journey you create, embrace and become the true and beautiful you!

Success and Failure


As humans we are always looking for ways to be happy. Most everyone wastes their days working a job they hate or many of young teens loose focus in life and really don’t understand why they live. For example an adult is a world renowned doctor but his true passion lies with teaching. Unfortunately thousands of people are not brave enough to run for their dreams. Life is too short to not do something you love. Yes, their is always going to be that question, “Will I be successful?” That specific question is for you to define, “What is success in your eyes?” Is success equivalent to money, making an impact, or being famous? However you define it leads you to your happiness. Essentially success is happiness. Numerous people question if they make a living pursuing their ambitions. Luckily almost every person in this world have been blessed with a brain. Our brain is the inventor of creativity which contributes to life changing ideas. All we have to do is use our brain to generate these ideas. Nothing happens overnight, so be patient with yourself you might have to work two jobs just so you can feed your family. Nevertheless at the end hard work will make your dreams come true. There will definitely be times when you feel confused asking yourself am I doing the right thing? And maybe you are not but either way you must have self motivation. Anything you plan on pursuing, become as knowledgeable as you can before you jump in. Above all, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF FAILURE. Failure is a stepping stone towards success and everyone experiences it. In conclusion there is a dream for everyone to make into reality. We must preserver. Continue reading

Looking for Hope

In all honesty this generation has the ability to bring a new light to our contradicting world; however thousands of young adults cannot seem to find a motive for live they cannot acquire hope. In order to illuminate this outlook, the man’s attitude must be positive. A teenager’s duty is to seek out what makes them happy. Furthermore they need discover a special someone or something then it could show them a glimpse of happiness. A glitter of happiness can bring new perspective to a teen’s life. Eventually people will have something to look forward to in their day, which will cause them pursue their happiness. Happiness will generate hope for the rough patches in life.

The Spectacular Now


Everyone says live in the moment because you will never experience anything like it ever again. It is true, we should not take any events in our life for granted, but are we placing ourselves in a dump where we as a people will reside for the rest of our lives. If we only live in what’s now how we to develop and grow into beautiful people? If every person on earth had the philosophy of living in the moment none of these amazing ideas would be created. No one would have a legitimate reason to live. There would be no life existing because none of us are driven towards a goal none of us are learning from our mistakes. We believe if we live in the moment we will be happy, that might be true for a certain period of time but after a while the happiness will wear off. Yes, I agree many of us get caught up in what the future holds for us. When we, do we are excited but at the same time worried, scared, sometimes confused. With all these emotions under our belts, we stop enjoying life and only dream and live in the future. All of us are all work and no play, with this attitude we forget about the little things in life-like when your grandma bakes cookies for you. The happiness has disappeared from ourselves we are nothing more than working machines with a blue print to lead the way. Continue reading