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Make it a Year to Remember

If you are going to middle or high school or even college fill this year with as many unforgettable memories as you can. A decade from now you will be yearning to have a life as a teen, so DO NOT grow up too fast and say that, Disney movies are for five year olds. Okay the things they talk about in the movie may be, but the actual story of the movie will never get old. For everyone starting or currently in high school, we will be embarking on an extraordinary journey of finding ourselves. I mean let’s be real people change and we unfortunately don’t have any control over that so all we can do is first and foremost worry about ourselves. The next step is to have someone in your right hand and someone on your left. And then my friend, YOU ARE READY! (Wait.. to stop procrastinating on my five page essay or to stay alive in school?) Actually to be happy in school. When you have two friends or a close group of friends there will always be someone that looks out, cares about, is honest, makes you laugh, and be haaaappppyyy. Yes we all turn our heads at those popular girls and boys only dreaming to carry that Louis Vuitton bag or jamming out with those ever so popular Beats. BREAKING NEWS:”You’re amazing just the way you are.” -Bruno Mars. Kids let me assure you we were all born like no one else in this world. Accept yourself, enjoy yourself, and love yourself. You can have an amazing year only if you choose to be happy.

Comment down below what you are excited about for this school year.



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